General Fair Rules

The management of DeSoto County Fair Association reserves the right to amend, add and/or interpret the following Rules and Regulations; and to arbitrarily settle and determine all questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of, connected with or incidental to the Fair.

The DeSoto County Fair and Livestock Committee assumes no responsibility for the safety, loss or well being of exhibits, however, every reasonable precaution will be observed

The owner or custodian of the property of any kind brought to the Fairgrounds, either for exhibit or for other purposes, assumes as a condition of its admission to the grounds, all risk and/or responsibility for its loss, damage, or theft. The Fair, its officers cannot and will not accept responsibility and liability for any damage or injury resulting from theft, fire, the elements, accidents or other conditions or causes; whether the exhibits, property of the exhibitor, vehicles on the grounds and articles left therein or any other property of any nature whatsoever.

Exhibitors must reside in DeSoto County and be currently enrolled in a school program. Exhibitors must be a bona fide member of a chartered 4-H/FFA program. The Fair Board and Livestock Committee reserve the right to ask for proof of school records. 4-H and FFA will furnish an attendance record to the Livestock Chairman on January 3, 2007. Each exhibitor must meet the requirements of the Club/Chapter to be eligible to show/sale at the fair.

Physical conditions of exhibitors which management considers to be a problem in the show or sale may result in the management not accepting an entry or allowing the entrant to participate in the show or sale.

Each exhibitor must assume all liability in case of death or injury to his/her animal until the end of the fair or until the animal is removed from the fairgrounds. at which time market animals become the liability of the purchaser.

Tampering with any animal entered, such as filling with foreign substances, etc, is prohibited. The use of tranquilizers on show animals or possession of the same after arrival to the fair will be construed as a form of tampering. Tampering will result in immediate disqualification of the animal. No chemicals are to be administered within 30 days of show dates unless administered by a veterinarian and accompanied by a letter from him or her.

Any exhibit not receiving proper care (feed, water, etc.) will be cared for by show management. The exhibitor shall be assessed $50.00 per feeding for such care from the premium or sale money due. Any exhibitor not attending to the cleaning and care of the animal and pen or stall area may be assessed as noted by the Livestock Committee.

The Livestock Committee reserves the right to reject or require removal of any animal because of health, unmanageability or inferior quality.

Premiums will be paid on the basis of the judging reports.

Age determination of showmanship, grooming and record book awards shall be based on the exhibitor’s age as of September 1, prior to the fair. Awards shall be divided into two classes; Junior and Senior See Specific Committee Rules.

All market animals will be weighed on scales provided by the Livestock Committee only.

If, for any reason, an exhibitor cannot attend the barn clean up day, they must make arrangements in advance with the Livestock Coordinator. The Livestock Coordinator will assign the exhibitor cleaning duties to be performed at a different time. Failure to participate in barn clean up before or after the fair will result in a fine of $50.00.

Animals must be under the control of the exhibitor at all times. Steers must be doubled tied with halter/chain and neck ropes at least ½” diameter.

All protest must be in writing, stating plainly the complaint, be accompanied by a fee of $50.00, which shall be forfeited to the Fair in case the protest is not sustained and must be delivered to the Fair Management within 24 hours after the cause of protest.

Any person who knowingly violates any of these rules and provisions forfeits all rights, privileges and premium offered.

There will be a non-refundable, registration fee of $25.00 due at the mandatory registration day. The fee will entitle a weeklong fair pass for exhibitor and 2 parents or guardians. Additional passes may be purchased.

All exhibitors, leaders, and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, orderly, professional, positive, and sportsmanship like manner at all times, or they will be dismissed from the Fair and will be banned from participating in future fairs.

There will be no climbing on gates, bleachers, or cages. Children are to be kept under control by their parents.

Any entrant at the barn during school hours other than days they are preparing for a show (they are entered in) will be disqualified. Each committee will determine times. To include home-schooled children.

Exhibitors assume all liability in cases of death or injury to their animals. Every effort will be made to prevent accidents, however, neither the DeSoto County Fair Association of the Livestock Show Committee, its members, nor the sponsorship of the Fair will be responsible.

Exhibitors will be responsible for providing for the care and feeding including feed and water containers, and provide clean quarters for their animals. If the barn superintendent has to care for any animal due to neglect of an exhibitor, the exhibitor shall be fined $50 each feeding. See small animals committee rules.

All beef animals must be tied with safety ropes while in stalls. Barn halters must be clean and in good condition.

Exhibitors should care for and feed animals while at the Fair with minimal assistance from parents and leaders. Parents and Leaders may assist when safety and education are involved, but entrants must be present when parents and leaders are performing any grooming or related duties or exhibitor shall forfeit their premium money.

Each livestock club is responsible for cleaning the exhibit area immediately following the show/or usage of arena and bleacher area. Steer exhibitors are responsible for Sunday (Grooming), Tuesday (Show), Breeding exhibitors are responsible for Thursday (Breeding) Swine exhibitors are responsible for Wednesday, Steer and Swine will clean up on Saturday morning (Friday Sale) Goat exhibitors are responsible for Monday.

No parents will be allowed in the show ring at any time during a show or contest. Only appropriate livestock committee members.

In order to insure animals will be on display for the duration of the Fair, animals will be released only at the times designated in the Calendar of Events.

The Livestock Show Categories are: Market Steer, Bulls, Heifers, Market Swine, Poultry, and Rabbits and Goats.

Entry by exhibitor expressly implies their willingness to accept the decision of all judges.

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